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Open a fight between "Methi - Jangchai" in soon , 27/11/2012

Bigsong pleased a result of the last match that Methi (Kaitpratum) S.J.Padrew wins Densiam Eakbangtrai muay thai training camp and gets a prize. Bigsong ask boxing what do they think if he opens a match between Methi and Prajanchai P.Petchnamtong muay thai training camp again. He sees two boxers have a same boxing form and maybe order them to fight on 6 December 2012 in Wansongchai war at Wigair.

On Monday ,Methi S.J. Padrew shows a good form to get a prize after win a point Densiam Eakbangtrai at T.Chaiwat war. The latest fight on Tuesday, Bigsong direct call to a Muaysiam reporter and reveals Methi have a best form that impress the top boxer also Methi wear a shirts write "S.J.Padrew" is very good. "Now Methi is training with Kingtong Lungprabat to makes his body strong for the fight on Thursday 6 December and "Wansongchai" war on Radchadamneun muay thai stadium. I think this fight is fun, although Prajangchai have a better form but Methi have a strong body. I want to know what boxing fans thinks if I open a match between Methi and Prajangchai or other boxer. I want to hear a comment from Wansongchai fans and the public then, I will set a fight so boxing fans comment is very important." A Mahachonsongchai promoter.

Kaitpratum and Lungprabat are good muay thai camps in Thailand . However Methi choose to train at Lungprabat muay thai training camp because the camp in near his home although there are many muay thai camps in his city . His old trainer like this muay thai camp too.
There are many muay thai camps . But Lungprabat muay thai camp have open more 20 year and have many famous muay thai boxers in Thailand .

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