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"Noi" Controls"Sangthongnoi" , 06/12/2012

Noi or Tanasuranakorn has controlled the training of Sangthongnoi Tanasuranakorn muay thai camp to have the hard practice by hoping him to overcome Keaw Kangwarn Phuhongthong muay thai gym on the CP Fresh Mart Round for the second match as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Deewitheethai on this saturday of 1st December A.D. 2012 at Imperial muay thai stadium. Moreover, he would like the muay thai fanclub to cheer up the boxers and he is confident much that in this fight Sangthongnoi might make the muay thai fanclub to be disappointed of course.

Noi Tanasuranakorn said that "For Suek Muai Witheethai on this saturday of 1st December A.D. 2012 at Imperial muay thai stadium Ladprao , there will be the leader master couple boxer as Sangthongnoi Tanasuranakorn to fight with Keaw Kangwarn Phuhongthong for the second match of CP Fresh Mart Round. Then, if anyone can be the winner , he will pass in to the semi final instantly.

Besides, Noi Tanasuraikorn has revealed that "In this time, I have taken care of the training for Sangthongnoi well in order to make him in the complete condition to fight. However, I am confident much that for this fight Sangthongnoi must overcome Kaew Kangwarn for sure although some people see that he has more disadvantages for the strategies to fight. However, I believe that he might overcome his couple boxer with funniness game and make the muay thai fanclub to be impressive of course. Thus, we would like the muay thai fanclub to cheer him up and this game must make them be impressive of course"
CP Fresh Mart muay thai tournament in Thailand have good reward . So many muay thai camps want to fight in this tournament . So Tanasuranakorn muay thai training camp is lucky .
Sangthongnoi Tanasuranakorn train muay thai in every days . He wan to win for his next important fight and make his muay thai cammp to happy .
Sangthongnoi train the new kicking with the new muay thai trainer . Because Noi Tanasuraikorn think his kick from the last match in Thailand is not good . Every muay thai camps have good kick .
Many muay thai camps like the name "Sangthongnoi " . Because 10 year a ago , a famous muay thai boxer 's name is Sangthongnoi .

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