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"Charnchalad" prepare to celebrate enormously , 13/12/2012

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Sia Chanchalad Thongdee revealed the muay thai style as Nong beer Chokngamwong should be lose Tingthong Ch. Khoyuhaisusu for sure with his kneeing. Moreover, for this match , he has prepared well and we have the plan to celebrate for our opening for the muay thai camp and the champion of our muay thai boxer as well on this January A.D. 2013.

For the Birthday Anniversary program of 56th year of Lumphinee muay thai stadium , Thailand ,broadcasted on this Friday of 7th December A.D.2012 , Sia Nao Wirat Wachirarattanawong had gathered all of the well-known muay thai boxers of this age to prove their performance numerously. Moreover, beyond of the couple muay thai boxer between Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai training camp fighting with Superlek W. Sangphraphai muay thai training gym , there are Yodwicha Ph. Bunsit fighting with Nong O of 5 stars chicken , Sam A of 5 stars chicken fighting with Phokeaw Phonchangchonburi , Phenaek Sitnumnoi fighting with Phetphanomrung W. Sangphraphai and Tingthong Ch. Khoyuhaisusu fighting with Nong beer Chokngamwong. In addition to, for the last couple muay thai boxer , it can create the interests much as other couple muay thai boxers as well and there will be the grasping of the champion of 122 pounds for this couple muay thai boxer at Lumphinee muay thai stadium also. On birthday fight have the boxers from many muay thai camps in Thailand .

For the opinion of Sia Chanchalad Thongdee or the owner of Ch. Khoyuhaisusu boxing camp , he had revealed the information to the reporters of the Daily Siam Muai about the readiness of Tingthong or his muay thai boxer under his boxing camp that "all the time he is diligent to train himself much and I am confident that for this time Tingthong must be the champion for sure because the muay thai style as Nong beer isn't so dangerous because it is the talent muay thai boxer , but he has the simple style of muay thai"

Besides, Chanchalad revealed additionally that "For Nong beer muay thai style and his training , it can say directly that he has the simple style of boxing and I think that Tingthong should be the winner because of his well training. Moreover, I would like to support my muay thai boxer as well and I have the plan to celebrate for our new muay thai camp and the champion of our muay thai boxer on the same time. In addition to, I think that Tingtong must defeat Nong beer for sure and our new boxing camp will be finished around his fight with the budgets of 3 million baht. Moreover, it locates at Ladkrabang and now there are our muay thai boxers to be under of my control for 20 people. Then, we would like everyone to watch for the success of Tingtong"

S. Thianpho , W. Sangphraphai , Ph. Bunsit or Phonchangchonburi are the famous muay thai camps . Those muay thai camps are well known in Thailand and they have many muay thai boxers train with them .
Tingthong trained in another camp in 2 year ago . But today he is the muay thai boxer of Ch. Khoyuhaisusu training camp .
Nong beer have changed the training program . Now he train 2 times a day and each session of training is 3 hours . He try to change to train with many muay thai camps to improve his skill .

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