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Chun admires TGN after letting him to train several muay thai boxers to be the well-known ones , 28/12/2012

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Chun Kertphet is glad to response for the policy of Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee of TGN channel to train a lot of great muay thai boxers. Moreover, recently he has Chamuakphet Chitmuengnon to train as another muay thai boxer and he has predicted the future of this muay thai boxer to be the champion as Phetkarat Chitthiengnon or his senior of the boxing camp.

Sia Chun revealed that "Indeed, I have the role to setup the muay thai boxers list on Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee since beginning ; moreover, The Police Major General or the boss Surakai Chatumat has been confident about my performances. Besides, he would like Lumphinee muay thai stadium to be the place to make a lot of new stars muay thai boxers to be well-known and now this project has been successful because it can train a lot of famous muay thai boxers , such as Chailek S. Phemsiri Chaisue Th. Thepsuthin and Yothin Sakaethongresort muay thai training camp to be the well-known ones. So they come from many muay thai camps in Thailand .

Furthermore, latest I am glad to train the new star as Chamuakphet Chitmuengnon who had been won San K. Sakulchia with funniness and make the muay thai fanclub to be favor of him. Besides, I am glad that TGN channel and the Police Major General Surakai had given the policy to me because I have trained a lot of muay thai boxers who are the outstanding ones and not the outstanding ones. Then, later the next trained muay thai boxer of mine will be Chamuakphet Chitmeungnon and he will have the better future as Phetkarat at least to be the champion at any program because I have never given any chance to the bad ones"

Chamuakphet is a lucky muay thai boxer . Because Chitmuengnon muay thai camp is better than other muay thai camps in Thailand .

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