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Try hard and Wittaya will be ok. , 17/01/2013

Wittaya Phetsimien opened his mind that there will not have to think a lot after Sia Bu Muengphet had made the list in order to let Yokwittaya Phetsimien muay thai training camp to bargain weight for Newwangchan Pakornpornsurin muay thai training camp for 2 pounds in 125.5 - 127.5 pounds. Moreover, for the master couple of Suek Phetsuphaphan broadcasted on this 11st January at Lumphinee muay thai stadium , although Yokwittaya had been lose to Newwangchan before but he has been understood the working of promoter.Then, he let Yokwittaya to fight on this program after talking with the promoter already.

Besides, Wittaya Phetsemien or the big boss of Phetsemien muay thai camp revealed that although Siabu Muengphet had brought Yokwittaya to fight with Newwangchan Pakornpornsurit in order to revenge him again as the master couple boxer of Suek Phet Suphaphan broadcasted on this 11st January 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand after losing him in the recent program, there will not be anything to be worried because lately Yokwittaya had overcome Fasang S. Chokkitchai muay thai camp also. Then, although Yokwittaya might have more disadvantage than him because of weight , he can be the winner as well. Then, the reason that Siabu let him to bargain the weight to Newwangchan Pakornpornsurin for 2 pounds in 125.5 - 127.5 pounds and fight as the master couple boxeer of Suek Phet Suphaphan broadcasted on this 11st January 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium might be involving with the costs only. As the result, although Yokwittaya had lose to his couple boxer before , he has understood the working of promoter and had talked to each other already. In addition to, for the first time the promoter made the list of this couple boxer in 125-127 pounds , but he let the promoter to reduce the bargain for half pounds. Thus, it would be no problem because he has cleared everything already.

Phetsemien muay thai camp is one of good muay thai camps in southern of Thailand . However the hard training is at Suwit muay thai becuase Wittaya have learn muay thai from them . He have plan to send Yokwittaya Phetsimien to train with them for the incoming fight .
Because Wittaya Phetsemien is staff of Siabu Muengphet . So his muay thai camp have often fight at Lumphinee muay thai stadium .
Last time Yokwittaya win Fasang on the last round from a kicking . Today the trainer of S. Chokkitchai muay thai camp want to rematch again . Everyone from his camp think Fasang will win Yokwittaya , if he have more training program from last time.
Wittaya have trained at many camps before he opened his own muay thai camp . Today he is happy that the training program make his camp to successful .
Siabu Muengphet report that he want to find another stafft to help Wittaya . Because Wittaya want more time to take care his muay thai camp and contact other camps.

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