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"Eak" confirms three may thai boxer training hard , 29/01/2013

Although Eak Bangsai have little time in muay thai ring but he order the staff to take care three muay thai boxers in his muay thai camp who will fight in "Dao rung shu jaren war” on Thursday 10 January in Thailand. This is a fight of Kaimunkdam, Julong and Jumong. They will show his skill for their coach and Eak Bangsai will be a controller. Muay thai fans should prepare to support boxers. In Dao rung shu jaren war on Thursday 10 January at Rad Cha Dam Neun, three boxers in Eakbangsai's gym will fight. Kaimungdam Eakbangsai meet Sakmongkol Pinang 96 in the first round and Julong Eakbangsai meet Taleehod Tiger Muay Thai and Jumong Eakbangsai meet Singto Pansombun. They are training at Kuntorn, Chonbury gym, have a staffs for take care and Eakbangsai is a controller. Gaiyak Keakaubon, a staff said to Mr. Mo does not worry. Although Eak Bangsai not have a lot of time in boxing circles but staffs will take care all boxer in the muay thai camp . He wants boxer fight for fun and willing for themselves and Eakbangsai gym. Eakbangsai reputation is depends on all boxers. Kaimunkdam, Julong and Jumong are ready to fight and entertain muay thai fans in Dao rung shu jaren war on 10 January.

"Chun" will make the giant match.

The promoter or Chun Kertphet has the good fortune to make the giant match for grasping 1 million baht and let the muay thai fan club from to cheer their well-known boxers fully in this match. Moreover, it will setup for this tuesday of 5th February 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand and then now it just finished to make the muay thai boxer lists from many muay thai camps. However, there will be wondering that which couple boxer will be the master couple one. Chun Kertphet has the good chance to make all boxer lists for Suek Kert Phet fully in this match. Moreover, it will be the continual muay thai program consisting of Kathaphet S. Suradate muay thai training camp fighting with Dokmaingen Ph. Phongsawang muay thai train camp , Phenthai Singphathong fighting with Chomhoad Imminentair , Muengthai fighting with Wangrana of 115 pounds , Onechalong fighting with Yokphet Somphongmabtaphud ,Chokphrecha K. Sakulchia fighting with Ponkit Ch. Cheinkamon and Onechalerm Odddonmueng fighting with Thongchai Sitthongsak muay thai training camp. Chun said that " all of the boxer lists have been appeared including of all master couple boxers of this age. Thus, every muay thai fan club can watch for every couple boxer no matter of Kathaphet Phenthai , Muengthai Siakim , Onechalong , Yokphet and Chokphreecha and for this program I have made the boxing lists for 7 master couple boxer without making decision that which couple boxer will be the only one master couple boxer. However, it might wait for the judge of muay thai fan club of Suek Kertphet to consider also"

Normally the other muay thai camps have on 1 or 2 muay thai boxers in high level . But EakBangsai muay thai camp is different because it have 3 famous boxers . It is not easy to train the 3 professional muay thai boxers in same time .
Chun Kertphet can be a promoter of Lumphinee muay thai stadium . Because he have the good relationship with many muay thai camps . However it is come from the advantage of the TV channel 7 .
Julong are brother Jumong and both are famous muay thai boxers . However Julong is better because he have many muay thai weapons .
Onechalong have muay thai fans to follow him to watch his fight . So many promoter want him to fight in his muay thai programs .

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