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"Wittaya" is proud about many muay thai camps and his fortune , 29/04/2013

Wittaya Phetsimuen is so glad that their disciples are still hot and lately they had been the champion in 4 programs continuously in Suek Weerapon setup on the last Saturday evening broadcasted on TGN channel of Thailand in the last match. Thus, Olaylek , Denlanna , Hippy and Yodsuwit are the proud of him. Besides, Wittaya would like to maintain his standard in the excellent way also.

Moreover, the muay thai camp of Wittaya Phetsimeun has the good standard to be accepted from the muay thai fans and many muay thai camps from Thailand. In addition, it has been guaranteed with being the excellent and new star boxing camp because there are several big size and small size of the boxers to join in several programs at . Lately, his boxing camp has been famous again after there are four boxers from this muay thai camp to be the champion in Suek OneWeerapon broadcasted on last Saturday evening on channel TGN on last saturady of 20th May in 2013.

Furthermore, Wittaya said that “ My disciples still show his best form and grasp for the champions continuously. Besides, lately Olaylek had overcome Phetkeng A. Bunchuai muay thai camp as well as Denlanna who knocked Phetkrengkrai Pareplachareanyon muay thai training camp in the fourth round, Hippy who knocked Arawan Luakchamphlachai in the second round and Yodchuwit who overcome Oakrit Phetphannarai. Then, it made me to be proud and would like to confirm for maintaining the good standard in order to be accepted from the muay thai camps .”

Protest for watching to the strategies of the boxers.

Dang Banpho Prasanchamchamrat or the big head of Sit Benchama muay thai camp pleaded for the referees in Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi muay thai stadium to watch for the strategy of the boxers too without focusing only prices of them in order to judge in the correct way by not lose the feeling of the muay thai fans as the last match.

“Dang Banpho” or Prasan Chamchamrat or The big head of Sit Benchama muay thai camp revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam and other muay thai camps that “I have lost the feeling to the worse duty of the referees much. Thus, in Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcasted on this 27th May 2013 that there will be Chatchainoi Sorchor Toipadreaw to face with Siabin Kertchareanchai muay thai training camp for grasp the third rank , I would like the referees in Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi muay thai stadium to do their duty well in order to judge this couple boxer in 1st Yipsamyiproad muay thai tournament by watching for their good strategies also. In addition, the referees always watch for the prices of the couple boxer and make the muay thai fans losing their feeling to cheer up. Then, it is not in the nature of how to judge the boxer in this way. On the other hand, I wouldn’t like to blame anyone in the last match, but I have lost the feeling in this subject much. Therefore , on this 27th May 2013 , I would like the referees to judge with honesty in order to be favored of the muay thai fans.”

Wittaya Phetsimuen are happy in this year about his muay thai camp . Because all boxers often win other muay thai camps in this year .
Wittaya Phetsimuen confirm that he boxers are good training . So he think they are ready to fight with any boxers from any muay thai camps . He don't worry anything .

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