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"Sarawut" had fought to many muay thai camps in the international muay thai style before. , 14/05/2013

Chiab Kertphet guaranteed about the body fit of Sarawut and Singthong to be ready to fight of course. Besides, he is assured that both of them might be able to be the champion because his boxers aren't afraid of these styles of boxers. In addition, now Sarawut has his good body condition because he had fought in the international boxing style before continuously. Then, the muay thai fans of Thailand can believe in their both boxers' performances without making any disappointment to the muay thai fans for sure.

After Sarawut Phitakphaphadang muay thai training camp and Singthong S. Yingchareankarnchang of have the queue to fight in SuekMuai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 5th May in 2013 on channel 7 since 1.45 P.M. at Moochit muay thai stadium , the big size trainer of Kertphet muay thai camp revealed to the teamwork that "For this fight , both of Sarawut and Singthong are diligent to train themselves until now they have their good body condition with 100 percent. Besides, if Sarawut have the good chance to fight with Phetkarat , it might be more funny because he has more experiences to fight in the international boxing style before. Furthermore , I believe that both of them might show their intelligence and good strategy to pass this round easily. However, they shouldn’t be careless for this program also."

Chiab said that "For this fight , both of Sarawut and Singthong have practiced themselves continuously and they have their great body condition. Besides, Sarawut just fought in the international boxing style , so he had to move his body continuously. Then, I am assured that Sarawut and Singthong might be able to show their intelligence by passing this round easily. Moreover, both of them aren’t afraid of Phetkarat and Singpornchai as well. Then, I would like to best regard to Phetkarat and Singpornchai to show their great form without being knocked from my boxer."

Sarawut have a good muay thai form in today . So he have many fans to follow him to watch his training in his camp in everyday and wait his new competition .

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