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Nin guaranteed that now "Phairoate" is ready to fight of Thai Boxing in Thailand by review at his muay thai training camp. @ 2013-06-04

Nin Donmueng guranteeed with about the training of his disciple or Phairote Kertchareanchai muay thai training camp that now his body condition is perfect. However, for the last match , his body condition isn’t so good , so he had lost to his couple boxer. However, now his body condition is good , so he might overcome Sankeng Keelasport Thai boxing camp for sure to get revenge of him in this time.

After Sia Chun Kertphet had made the current list of couple boxer by bringing Sankeng Keelasports to fight with Phairote Kertchareanchai muay thai training camp in Suek Muai Thai Ched See broadcasted on this Sunday of 2nd June in 2013 at Wikmochit Chedsee in Thailand , Nin Donmueng revealed to the teamwork that “For this fight , Phairote has practiced himself continuously , so now his body condition is ready to fight although he has more disadvantages than his couple boxer. On the contrary , I believe that Phairoat must be the winner because he isn’t afraid of this thai boxing style. Then, if Sankeng is tried , he might have his chance to be knocked all the times because now Phairoat has his better body condition than his last match.

Nin Donmueng said that "Now, the muay thai fans in Thailand can review his training camp and should catch the eyes on Phairote well because I believe that for this match he might be the well-known one because of his diligence to practice continuously. Besides now his body condition is perfect and ready to fight , so if Sangkeng is tried , he has his chance to be knocked. Thus, the muay thai fans who are favored of Phairote can be sure that for this fight , he might not create the disappointment to them certainly."

Muay thai fanclubs gone to Kertchareanchai muay thai camp at Southern of Thailand , last week . They want to review the Phairote 's training to sure for his next match .
The boxers from Kertchareanchai muay thai training camp often to show the good performance of competiton . Because Nin Donmueng go to the camp and watch the training every times so everyone are happy .
Nin Donmueng work at Kertchareanchai muay thai training camp . He are happy because he can watch the Phairote train every times .

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