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"Phetmuengchon SorThatsat muay thai camp" should uses his more fists in the next fight in Thailand , 11/06/2013

The popular promoter Thongchai Rattanasuban admired Phetmeungchon SorThatsat muay thai camp from that he is the excellent one with talents, so if he uses his additional fists , he would be boxer gaining money for 100,000 baht for sure. Besides, Muengchon had showed his hot form to overcome Kumarndoi S. Chitphakdee with several points on Suek OneThongChai last 3rd June in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in Thailand .

Phetmeungchon is one of all boxers who showed his beautiful form on Suek OneThongChai in the big match on last Monday of 3rd June in 2013. Moreover, BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban admired him that he might be the boxer gaining money for 100,000 baht because of his good strategies and strong soul. Then, if he uses his additional fists , he might pass into the deeper round of course. On the other hand, on the last fight , he had showed his good form to overcome Kumarndoi excellently , so the muay thai fans in Thailand should cheer up for him much.

Bigsong said that “This boxer is the interesting one because of his strategies and strong soul. Besides, on the last fight , he had showed his excellent form by overcoming Kumarndoi. Thus, if he adds his more fists to the fight , he will have his good fortune in the future for sure. As the result, the muay thai fans should watch for his performances.

Sia Riam pointed that "Luaktoi" has the great form and will be the new star in this match.

Sia Riam F.A. Group muay thai training camp praised his beloved disciple or Luaktoi F.A. Group and is confident that in this match, he should become to be the well-known one again after showing his hot form by overcoming his couple boxers on 3 fights continuously. Furthermore, lately he had knocked Lartsin Phetnongnut with several points in only the first round on Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on last Saturday of 1st June in 2013 at Imperial Ladprao muay thai stadium.

Besides, in the earlier , Luaktoi had showed his worse forms until he can’t be the new star on the matches. However, in the previous match, he didn’t only use his knees , but he used his elbows additionally , so he had become to show his hot form again by knocking Lertsin Phetnongnut with several points. Then, it made Sia Riam F.A. Group or the head of muay thai training camp had praised his beloved disciple who had developed himself well by using elbows also until becoming to show his good form again. Thus, the head of the boxing camp believes that in this match , he should be the new star of the boxing circle for sure.

Sia Riam revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that “It can count that Luaktoi had developed himself well by using elbows additionally and could overcome his couple boxers for 3 fights continuously and knocked his all couple boxers. Then, it is believable that in this match , Luaktoi should pass into the deeper rounds for sure. Moreover, the muay thai fans should cheer up for his performances also.

Kumarndoi want to rematch again with Phetmeungchon in next month . SorThatsat muay thai camp said it would be the same result as the last fight . So he want fight with the another boxer .
Sia Riam have many boxers to train in his camp . Luaktoi is one of new star of muay thai fighters . He is lucky to train in Sia Riam 's camp .

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