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The committee wants to remove Thongchai without guarantee for his muay thai works in 3 months. , 02/07/2013

At this moments, the committee of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium had removed Thongchai Rattanasuban from the list endlessly after speaking rudely to the committee in Suek OneThongChai as the big match on last 3rd June in 2013 until being informed at Nangleng police station. Then, the committee is unsatisfied about Thongchai's behavior and shared the works of Suek OneThongChai to other promoters already including to assure about the performances of other promoters to run their duty equally to Thongchai certainly.

Furthemore, the committee has accepted that there are some muay thai fans of Suek OneThongChai who are unsatisfied about this subject , but he believes that he can deal with this problem not difficultly. While, Thongchai is still shut in himself at his resident all the times after sending someone to clear about this problem. However, it wasn't successful , except for Thongchai's apology. On the other hand, the committee doesn't guarantee that for this 3 month , Thongchai might have his assign work to setup the new program or not.

Chalermpong was sick ; Prai had run his role replacing of him.

On 6.30 p.m. of last 13rd June in 2013 at the meeting room of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium , Prai Panyalak or the committee of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium had run his role as the president of this executives and promoters meeting replacing of Chalermpong Chiaosakul or the directing manager of the muay thai stadium who was sick and was unable to come for this meeting.

The promoters attended to the meeting fully.

For this executives and promoters meeting at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium , there were the promoters who attended in this meeting along the rain falling and traffic jam fully as the past times with their happy faces because of more programs to set up for them.

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