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There are crowed of new stars from muay thai camps in South of Thailand . , 23/07/2013

"NongBoat" or Nattadate Wachirarattanawong thanked for the head of muay thai camps in the South to trust him for create several of the well-known stars in the thai boxing camps. Moreover, at this moment , there are another new star or Mangkornyok Takulchaiyim or the disciple of Sanchai Narathreekul muay thai training camp who had showed the excellent form after being supported by the teamwork of PorTelakul muay thai training camp , so in the future he might be the famous star in this boxing route for sure.

Moreover, now Mangkornyok Takulchaiyim has been the new stars that the teamwork PorTelakul muay thai camp and Kodate Nudang have supported. Then, he has fought in Bangkok for 2 times and showed all of his excellent form. Thus, for Mangkornyok or the son of Chatorn Sabayoi who has been trained well by Sanchai Narathreekul or the former famous boxer , he has showed his great form to overcome Kasermnoi K. Kasermcheab broadcasted on channel 5 prior to overcome Phetngen of Keela Nakornphatom school for the last match. Thus , it made the cheerleaders who have watched the game on the big projector have cheered loudly throughout the village affecting NongBoat to admit to support Mangkornyok to be the famous star of Thailand in the near future.

NongBoat said that "Mangkornyok is the severe knee boxer with his strength and charming. Moreover, he is the nice one with strong heart , so it can be sure that he can be the famous star easily."

Suek OneThongChai will go on again.

Rambo Phreecha has adjusted the new couple boxers of Suek OneThongChai for setup at Kamphangphet province and bring Orono Muengseema Camp and Kathawut S. Wachirayim to fight with each other on this Friday of 19th July in 2013 , so the muay thai fans won't be disappointed for sure.

Phreecha or the promoter in Suek OneThongChai revealed that there will be the adjustment of the couple boxers with suitability ; namely , the master couple boxer or Kriangkrai T. Silachai muay thai trainng camp to face with Lomrang S. Nakhae followed by Khunsuek Sitkriangkrai to face with Fachiangsan Chiangmai Phahuyut. However, Rungrit Sevenfarm thai boxing camp and Sangthiannoi S. Sompong are cut from the program by bringing Orono Muengseema to face with Kathawut S. Wachirayim instead. While Khaiwanlek will face with Kathawut and this program will broadcast on cable television on psi of channel 166. Then, the muay thai fans can follow to watch this program since this Friday of 8.00 p.m.

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