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"Yodsanchai SorSophi Camp " is so strong to muay thai fight in the next match with any muay thai camps from Thailand. , 30/07/2013

Sophit or the head boxing camp of Yodsanchai SorSophi Camp confirmed that “Now, Yodsanchai’s body condition is still perfect after he has Bakcho Thocheanphrayoon to aid him to be stronger. Besides, I might boast the couple boxer of him or Weeraponlek Excindyconyim that Yodsanchai can overcome him in fighting for the master couple boxer in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on this Saturday of 20th July 2013 at Imperial Ladprao in Thailand for sure.

Besides, in the first match of CP Freshmart Yodsanchai can overcome Muengphet F.A. muay thai training Group by keeping 2 significant points successfully. Then, in the next match , he might face with the strong one from Surin province or Weeraponlek ExcindyCon gym on this Saturday. Finally, Sophit or the head of SorSophi Campt boxing camp revealed that “Yodsanchai is ready to fight on this Saturday with his strong body because the new trainer from Suwit muay thai and, he has Bakcho Thochean Maiphrayoon to be the assistance for making him stronger. Then, I am confident that my boxer will be the winner in this game certainly.”

Sophit said that "At this moment Yodsanchai is ready to fight with other muay thai camps because of his good body condition and has Bagcho Thochean Maephrayoon to be the assistance. Thus, Yodsanchai has best regarded to Weeraponlek that he could overcome Weeraponlek easily absolutely."

"Saknipon" has his greater performance than his couple boxer.

Sak Rangsit is assured that Saknipon Sakrangsit muay thai training camp will have his good chance to compete in the popular match of A. Piriyaphinyo in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 20th July 2013 at OmNoi muay thai stadium in Thailnad without making any disappointment to the Thai boxing fans for sure.

The big boss of Sak Rangsit muay thai camp confirmed with his confidence and revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "Now Saknipon Sakrangsit will have his good opportunity to fight in the popular program of A. Piriyaphinyo in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturady of 20th July 2013 at OmNoi muay thai stadium. Besides, he might not make the disappointment to the Thai boxing fans for sure and the commander Sukthad and I have been respectful to each other much , except showing performance in this stadium that my boxer will fight with his full performance certainly. Then, it shouldn’t be worried because I have taken action to run for this program with my soul and dignity , so it is confident that Saknipon will fight with his good performance. As the result, I will aid my boxer to be famous as fast as I can also."

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