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400,000 baht for prediction that who will be the muay thai champion between "Chasa" or "Orono". , 27/08/2013

Sia Yuri made the fit list between the old boxers ; namely, Chasa or Rochnarong Daewpadreaw to face with Bug 3 Orono Ph. Muengubon in order to let them prove their performance on the middle of this September at Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium with the stake at least 400,000 baht.

After there is the news challenge each other , lately the reporters of Muai Siam Daily had been revealed from the old boxers between Chasa Rotenarong Daewpadraew to face with Bug 3 Orono Ph. Muengubon in Suek Phetchaophraya broadcasted on the middle of this September in 72 kg already.

Later, the reporters of Muai Siam and had been revealed from Rotenarong or Chasa or the great boxer who is given the king cup prize for 2 years now or the policeman located at Phutthaisong police station at Phuket province that "Now, the promoter has contacted to me for letting me to face with Orono or the boxer in the similar age of me . Then, I won't have any problem because the muay thai program will be setup for the next month by gaining for totally 400,000 baht. On the other hand, I would like to fight in 71 kg. more than other weights because of my disadvantage of shape. However, now I have begun to practice myself already and for the last fight , I had tied to Sanphet Nomsakrechensee , so although I am in the old age of 42 years old, it is no worry about me because I am so strong. In addition, how to face with Orono makes me satisfied because I would like to get revenge of him also."

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