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"Kertphet muay thai camp " advised for the advantage of his excellent boxer to training in Thailand  , 11/09/2013

"BangKhwag" or Niapattaphee Sitkhun or the trainer of Kertphet muay thai camp from Thailand is confident that now Krangphreenoi Phitakphaphadang muay thai training camp is able to get revenge of Yodbuangam S.B.P. carnetwork gym for sure for fighting as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Thai ChedSee broadcasted on this 15th Sunday of September 2013 at Channel 7 boxing camp . Besides, he advised the Thai boxing fans in Thailand to cheer up for Wakrangphreenoi because he has his good performance.

Moreover, after Sia Chun Kertphet has brought the master couple boxer or Krangphreenoi Phitakphaphadang to face with Yodbuangam S.B.P. carnetwork muay thai gym to get revenge again after they had fought with funniness prior to let Yodbuangam to overcome his couple boxer with amusement as the last match. Then, for this match , they might face as the master couple boxer in Suek Muai Thai ChedSee broadcasted on this Sunday of 17th September 2013 absolutely.

In addition, now Bangkhwag Niaphattaphee Sitkhun or the trainer of Kertphet boxing camp revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that "Now, Krangphreenoi is in the fit body condition , so it can be confident that he might get revenge of Yodbuangam for sure. Besides, the Thai boxing fans might not be disappointed because of the well-preparing of Krangphreenoi ; thus , it should consider about his advantage in order not to be the loser.

Train Muay in Suwit muay thai camp with Kertphe muay thai program :

It is open to anyone who wants to learn, no matter what gender or age group they belong. You do not need to have any fighting skills, to enroll; you can start from scratch and move forward from there. I am sure many of you already know that it is a great way to stay in shape, and to lead a healthy living.

In order to learn and practice Muay Thai with Sia Chun from Ketphet or Suwit muay thai well, here are some steps to follow for beginner learner of Muay Thai kick boxing. First, before women start learning Muay Thai kick boxing, they should do some Cardio exercise in a couple weeks. The exercises are very important to wake up their muscles. Women can exercises such as; jogging, running and biking exercise regularly. You can train with Yodbuangam at Suwit muay thai in Thailand .

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