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"Song" apologized the muay thai fans in Thailand for not having chance to watch for "Sangmanee and Sam A" , 02/10/2013

"Big Song" or Thongchai Rattanasuban apologized to every boxing fans after he couldn't reconcile to the teamwork of boxer and the boxer unsuccessfully ; however, he confirmed that he had done his best.

Thongchai revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam again after he walked through the rain to meet the head of S. Thianpho boxing camp and the parents of Sangmanee of 13 Coins boxing camp on other day that "I'm so old to walk to meet the teamwork and the boxer by myself in order to talk with each other as the same family. However, I understand the head of this boxing camp in every subjects as same as the boxers , but they aren't willing to do as my proposal. Then, I won't blame them because I had done my best. As the result, I would like to apologize all boxing fans that I couldn't reconcile to them , so it should adjust for the boxers to fight in this match."

Make the lists for both tiny version and Giant version.

"Angmore - Otea" is ready to open the chance for the new star boxers in the Thai boxing stadium no matter of the giant versions or the tiny versions to fight continuously. Moreover, if whoever shows good form all times , he might open the good chance for him to grasp the champion of Rachadamnern boxing stadium including to fight in foreign countries also.

Moreover, the oldest promoter of Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium or 73- years old man For Suek Chu Charean Muai Thai is now going to create his more works , so this end of the month , there will be the next program broadcasted on this 30th September 2013 between Muai Yak Sirimongkol Sitanuphab facing with Kanongsuek Chuwattana and the second couple boxer between Lamlert Sitsoraphid and Phanpayak Sitchatak supported by Otea Charumueng or the coordinate promoter also.

Angmore gave the news that "We have faced with much experience ; however, I still have my attention to create my boxing circle to be the best. On the other hand, I accept that now I have to try more with the less master couple boxers in the muay thai camp. Then, I should go on to make our boxing circle to be well-known by giving the chance to every boxing camps to work with us no matter of any version of boxing , especially for the giant version."

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