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"Phettae" boasted to fight in 118 in Thailand with anyone or any muay thai camps in this year . , 08/10/2013

Phettae Phetyindee academy is really glad to make his dream come true and becomes to be the real father in order to grasp the Thailand Champion of 115 pounds ; moreover, he has to take care of himself and practice at the best in 118 pounds. Besides, in this time , he can face with any fighters from any muay thai camps in this year .

Phettae revealed that "After he becomes to be the Thailand Champion in 118 pounds , Choknamchai Sitchakung muay thai camp has turned to be the well-known one of Suek Phetyindee in the short times. Then, Phettae revealed to his success after grasping the champion that "My father doesn't dream that I will come so far as this way to grasp the belt. Thus, my father is really glad that I can make his dream come true , so I should take care of myself and practice well to fight in 118 pounds. As the result, it should thank for my parents , the teamwork of Phetyindee , the promoter Boat and the boxing fans to cheer up and encourage me. Moreover, I will do my best to become the master couple boxer of Suek Phetyindee."

"Ceeui" would like to get revenge of his old boxer.

For the excellent and well-known beloved one or Ceeui S. Sunanchai muay thai training camp , he is ready to get revenge of Chalarmthong Sitphanon muay thai camp again as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Thai Ched See broadcasted on this Sunday of 13th October 2013 although they fought at Chiangrai and Chalarmthong had overcome Ceeui on the last fight not hardly.

Moreover, Ceeui said with Chalarmthong again that "I would like to best regard for the boxing fans that I am promptly to defeat Chalarmthong although on the last match we have fought on the North of Thailand in Chiangrai , and Chalarmthong had kneed by mine. However, finally I had been the loser. On the contrary, on this Sunday , I am certain that I should get revenge for him because we have faced with each other before , so we know the boxing style. Then, the trainer ; namely , Bangkhwag Niaphattaphee , Chiab Kertphet and Toon Nongkee might prepare to adjust the new strategy for him already."

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