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"Sangkeng" is ready to fight muay thai in 120-122 pounds. , 15/10/2013

"Sia Keela" or Khamchan Saokhamkate is so glad to see the form of 2 latest fights for Sit Aek Sangkeng Keela Sport who overcome Chailek Khwaithongyim. Then, now he best regarded that now Sangkeng is ready to become to be the well-known one in Suek Kertphet to fight in 120-122 pounds with anyone depending on Sia Chun Kertphet to consider.

For the last first fight to grasp the champion in 122 pounds of Muai Ched See , Sankeng Keela Sport just overcome Chailek Khwaithongyim with wonder. However, for the next muay thai match in Suek Phuinokphakhang and Suek Kertphet Chedsee fighting at Sermthai Complex at Phuket province on last Friday of 18th October 2013 , Sankeng still fight excellently to overcome his old boxer. Thus, this winning had made Sia Keela Khamchan Saokhamkate to be proud of him and he best regarded that "Now, it's time for SitAek to become to be the well-known one of Suek Kertphet in Thailand already."

Then, Sia Keela said with his gladness that "According to the form of Sankeng to overcome Chailek twice times , I viewed that he has his good development because of his using of strategies and his strength , because he have good muay thai training course . Then, he is not the boxer to lose the couple boxer with knees , so it's time for him to become the well-known star of Suek Kertphet to fight in 120-122 pounds with the suitable one depending on the considering of Sia Chun."

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