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"Chun" invited to watch for "Phraewphak or Yodatsawintransports" , 12/11/2013

Chun Kertphet has made the list of charming couple boxers , especially for the first amusing couple boxer to fight favored to the muay thai fans ; moreover, this couple boxer will fight for Suek Kertphet on this Friday 15th November 2013 between the great boxer from Sriracha or Phraewphak or Yodatsawintransports and Phrachanbarn Wisutchareanyon to fight in 104 pounds. Besides, this couple boxer might fight with funniness and has the advantage similar to each other also.

In addition, the promoter Chun Kertphet has made the new lists of muay thai camps for 280 baht per 1 ticket beginning with the excellent 100,000 baht couple boxer between Phenaek Sitnumnoi facing with Seksan A. Khwanmeu muay thai training camp to fight in 128 -130 pounds followed by the second couple boxer or Siakim Sit Chetaew bargaining weight to Sankeng Kelasports for 1 pounds fighting in 118-119 pounds, Lomtalee from Suek S. Sommai muay thai camp facing with Chailek Khwaithongyim , Yangthone bargaining with Phetmonkhao for 2 pounds , Pound Sakulchailek facing with the boxer from different program or Keng Chitmuengnon from Suek Onemitchai as well as the supportive couple boxers , such as Sakniphon Sakrangsit or the new star of channel 3 facing with the new star of channel 7 or Kengkhla K. Khlomkhlao Camp, Naredate facing with Keng and Chocho facing with Fahkrengkhrai.

Deer revealed that "For the first couple boxer , the promoter Deer Kertphet might focus specially by allowing the excellent couple boxer to fight with each other in this match , such as Phraewphak or Yodatsawintransports facing with Prachanbarn to be favored from the muay thai fans of Chonburi. Therefore, this couple boxer is the amusing one to fight in Suek Kertphet fully with no bad mood for sure."

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