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Have potential to fight inside or outside the Thailand . , 03/12/2013

Keng is not afraid of any boxer to fight , except for not having the program to fight only , so Keng or Sittichai Sitsongpheenong would like to ask for the promoter to make the list of him to fight continuously no matter of fighting inside the country or outside the country because he is pleases to fight to anyone with his good body condition. Moreover, now he becomes to be another international boxer and previously Sia Tim or Timathee Thammacheewa has sent him to fight in foreign country to gain money inside the country for several matches.

Lately, he had defeated Migel Phichitheelo or French boxer in only 3 rounds since he had fought at Reunion island in Africa from the early of September to the end of November. However, Later he had chance to fight in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai at Imperial Ladprao broadcasted on last Saturday of 23rd November 2013 to protect his Thailand champion of Weather weight and he could win Daterit Phoptheeratham beautifully. In addition, Sittichai revealed that "After the latest match fought at Reu island , he had never fought with anyone again although his body condition is good. Thus, I would like to fight no matter of inside or outside the country with my good practicing , so I would like to ask the promoter to make the list of me to fight continuously without making disappointment for sure."

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