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The muay thai tournament with many camps on channel 11 of Thailand , 03/12/2013

"Mr.Tang" Piyarat Washirattanawong confirms from the News 2013-10-31 of Bestmuaythai that Muay Thai on 10th November at Lumpini Thai boxing ring. There will the fight in temporarily muay thai ring in Ampor Thalang , Phuket. There are not change the place anyway and invite boxing fans to follow this excite match.

Tournament of Muay Thai on Saturday 5 October 5 at a temporary Thai boxing stadium in Ampor Thalang , Phuket The important match is Superbon Teemuengleay muay thai camp fight with Meungpetch BoplaBunshu training camp in weight 114 pounds, the second match is Kongnapa Srimonhkol Camp fight with Konkrungtep P.Puangkeaw muay thai training camp in weight 139 pounds, the other match is Petchwewwaw U.Bungchaiyapoom muay thai gym fight with Pansing A.Kamin muay thai camp in weight 109 pounds and Somraknoi Pronnangrong fight with Maharadlek Jarernsab in weight 105 pounds and many match after the live match. These matches are live broadcast on channel 11 at 14.00. Latest, Mr.Tang confirm channel 11 will go to Ampor Thalang . There are not changes the place anyway. Muay thai fans in Thailand should not worry. I believe all match will fun and impress muay thai fans in Thailand and Phuket . Everyone should come to follow and cheer. I confirm you will not disappoint.

Muay Thai
Everyone in Phuket wait the new muay thai program . Many promoter and Mr.Tang want to have the new muay thai matchs in soon . Now they wait TV 11 to confirm the time . However many camps in Phuket are training every days .

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