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"Yodwicha" can't make the weight and apology to the muay thai fans. , 12/02/2014

Yodwicha P. Bunyasit muay thai camp or the excellent boxer of 2012 has revealed that in the case to remove from fighting on Suek Phetyindee or history match of 7th February 2014 , he would like to apology everyone including of the promoter because he can’t make that weight actually. Besides, now his weight is increasing, so for the next match he can fight at least 137-138 pounds with no low than this weight. Thus, the muay thai fans should make understand about this subject also.

It makes the muay thai fans disappointed for the excellent boxer of A.D. 2012 or Yodwicha P. Bunyasit muay thai camp who had the queue to fight in Suek Phetyindee or the history match of Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium in Praram IV with Chamuakthong. However, Yodwicha can’t make the weight until removing from this game with disappointment. Besides, the knee boxer has revealed about the removing of this game that he would like to apology for the muay thai fans to remove the game to fight with Chamuakthong S. Yupinda in the big match of last 7th February 2014 because he can’t make the weight and now his weight is increasing to 71 kg. Thus, he feels disappointed much not to fight in this match.

Yodwicha P. Bunsit said that "First , I would like to apology the muay thai fans and the promoters to remove from the big match because I can't make this weight. Moreover, now my weight is 71kg. , so I can't fight in 135 pounds and for the next match , I have to fight at least 137-138 pounds. Besides, I feel disappointed not to fight in this history game because all of us would like to fight in this game. On the other hand, I would like the muay thai fans to sympathize on me as well".

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