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Compare to the hot one between "Samsan" facing with "Weerapon". , 25/02/2014

Two experts agreed that for the history match of Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium broadcasted on this Friday of 7th February 2014 between Riangsak and Satanmuenglek , it makes the good and interesting list of boxers. Then, it confirms that everyone might not miss to watch this program for sure as well as the couple boxer between Samsan and Weerapon which was so popular to watch in the past. In addition, Krachun warned that the heart disease people who watch this game may affect to their health.

According to the promoter number 1 of Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium to setup this boxing program , it is found that there is the good current from the experts. Lately, two experts , such as Huak Hinkong and Yee Wanghin have confirmed that on this 7th February 2014, they will join on this program for sure. Besides, Sia Nao has made the interesting list of boxers , especially for Riangsak Sitniwat facing with Satanmeunglek Chanewitkosang and Lamnampong Numyeantawanna facing with Mondam S. Weerapon or the amusing one. However, After the expert Huak Hinkong has disappeared from this boxing circle so long , now he has come back to make the boxer lists again as well as admiring Sia Nao who setup such a good couple boxers for Riangsak facing with Satanmeunglek as same as the couple boxer between Samsan facing with Weerapon in the past. Moreover, they have the similar shape , except for Lamnamphong to be hardly to expect for his performance. Then, It should cheer up for this couple boxer well , especially for the heart disease people who may affect to their health."

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