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Strength isn't more significant for "Ploywittaya Phetsemean muay thai training camp" than freshness form. , 11/03/2014

Wittaya Phetsemean confirmed that although now his beloved boxer or Ploywittaya doesn't have much strength , but he has his freshness. Moreover, all the times he always win the strength boxers , so he might create the good name to himself again.

Wittaya Phetsemean or the big boss of Phetsemean boxing camp revealed his mind after Chane Muengchon has brought Ploywittaya Rojsurat to face with Nattapon Nachiakwittayakhom in Suek Phraianan on this 7th March 2014 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Ramintra. Besides, all the times Ploywittaya always face with the strength ones , but he isn’t worried about this subject because he is confident about this freshness. Then, on this 7th March 2014 , Ploywittaya might create the good name to himself and the boxing camp for sure.

Wittaya said that I think that the way that I come so far doesn't involve with my strength , but it is my freshness to win many of strength ones in order to create the good name of myself again.

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