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"Notmai" is cheered up to pass into the next muay thai round. , 18/03/2014

Notmai A. Nittayaporn or the new star has the program to fight in the 5th insurance round with Sanrak Kampimkarnchang as the master couple boxer broadcasted on this Saturday of 22nd February 2014 at Lumphinee in Ramintra. Moreover, he is certain that he might not keep the score hardly by knocking his couple boxer to show for the boxing fanclub in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee broadcasted through TGN at 4.00 p.m.

On this Saturday , there will be the queue of the lawyer Toi to fight as the master couple boxer of 5th Thai Insurance between Notmai A. Nittayaporn and Sanrak Kampimkarnchang as well as the second couple boxer or Samleethong P. Monchai facing with Phetngam Chareonkaserm followed by Faiphikat K. Kamphanat facing with Lakchaijew T. Lakchai and the first couple boxer or Charnchailek Kertchareanchai facing with Angpao P. Burapha and Pearm A. Nittayaporn facing with Santos Keelasports.

The teacher Ied Buayai or the senior boxer revealed, "Notmai is the talent future boxer which should thank you for the manager teamwork of Thai Insurance too to open the chance for my boxer to join in 5th Thai Insurance as the proud of Bua Yai people. Then, the fight on this Saturday I am certain that Notmai might pass into the next round not hardly because Sanrak might be knocked by him. In addition, I am certain that Notmai might keep the score and pass into the final round successfully."

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