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There is the crowded people look forward to watching Muay Thai on Channel 11 in Thailand. , 08/04/2014

For Suek Temporary of Muai Dee Witheethai setup at Amphur Ranunakorn in Nakornphanom province in the name of Suek World Phuthai broadcasted on this Saturday of 12nd April 2014 , Apart from the amusing Thai boxing program , there might be the beautiful arts show of Phuthai people as well as the special boxing couple boxers , such as Am Sit Norphorwor of Nakornpanom province , the gold coin Thai boxer of Wusu nation sports in Supanburi game to face with Brazilian female boxer.

For Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai , it might setup the first match of the year on this Saturday of 12nd April 2014 at Renunakorn District Office in Nakornpanom broadcasted through channel 11 from 2.00 -4.15 p.m. totally for 2 hours in the name of World Phuthai. Besides, the Muay Thai fans can watch the amusing program as well as to watch the beautiful arts of Phuthai people also.

Furthermore, there will be another special boxer to create the new current for Nakornpanom people by bringing the gold coin boxer from Supanburi game to fight with Kamera Pacheko or the Brazillian boxer. However, there will be the Thai boxers to wait for Phetyindee teamwork for making their lists. Then, Nakornpanom and people in surrounding area who looking forward to watching Suek Muai Dee Witheethai might not be disappointed for this game for sure.

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