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"Toi" confirm this Muay Thai training in Thailand will hot , 16/04/2014

"Mr.Toi" Sombun Nirutmethi is confidence in Eminen Air War on Friday evening 25 April that each pair will fought fully because they was choose especially the important match never meet before. 2 top north boxers are going to fight for the path to become a major boxer. Between Taladkeak and Desai, who will be the winner? The second match is unusual between Petchchadchai Chaorailoi fight with Kengkad P.pekko muay thai training camp is the first fight. We expected the fresh will win the specialization. This match will excite certainly because both boxers are training muay thai in every day in Thailand . Muay Thai training

Mr.Toi hold on the Eminen Air War on Friday evening 25 April to open the Lumpini Muay Thai stadium because they focus on the excite match to boxing fans whether 2 top north boxers, Desai Rachanon with Taladkeak Saksamrit muay thai training camp is the great knee boxing style. Desai's form may decrease will fight with Taladkeak by using knee style and his boxing form is very similar. This fight will impress Thai boxing fans in Thailand while the second match is never meet before.

Mr.Toi, a promoter want to invite boxing Thai fans in Thailand from Suwit Muay Thai to see this match that the fresh of hot blood boxer, Petchchadchai Chaorailoi will beat the specialization of Kengkad P,Pekko or not. This is an excite match that never meet before. I do not know who will win , but you can ask Suwit Muay Thai. There are other match of Anuwat Hom fight with Det S.Pleanhit, Komsorn Jaotalay Pleannammaiwat fight with Teelek Rachanon Camp , Koko Uddonmeoung fight with Ballangjern P.Peerapat muay thai training camp , Mike Deanseab fight with Petchnarin Jaotalaythong muay thai camp , Playfah Wankongkrengkrai fight with Sandchai S.Sakpayao etc.

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