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Although there is no violation of the rule , the referees have the chance to dispel. , 20/05/2014

The uncle Moo or Somyot Arunmat or the vice referee of channel 7 revealed about the case of Chanasuek Luakkanthra after Onechalerm Sitsornong was dispelled from the stage on last Sunday that he has consulted to the Elders already. Thus, they won’t punish Chanaseuk and in fact the referees didn’t dispelled him in the term of his violation of the rule. On the other hand, he came to fight with his no ready, so it is not exact in the rule of channel 7 to fight with funniness.

The uncle Moo revealed after Chanasuek Luakkantra was dispelled by the referees on the fight with One Chalerm Sitsornong. Later, Tee Suwan has handed in the report to him for calling for the fairness to his boxer.

Thus, he has revealed that the referees didn't dispel Chanasuek in the term of his violation of the rule ; moreover, the teamwork of Channel 7 didn't punish Chanasuek in the formal way. On the other hand, they gave the new chance for him to practice himself to fight later for showing the excellent form according to the policy of channel 7 to fight with funniness. Then, anyone who has no quality to fight might be dispelled from the stage. Therefore, Chanasuek should practice himself for another 2 months prior to fight in the next match and it is depending on the work of channel 7 to increase the rating according to his strong policy.

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