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Rungporthong have a Muay Thai chance in Thailand from last fight , 21/05/2014

Petchsupapan War is not lack the top boxer. Mr.Bu Meoungpetch is ready to support Rungporthong Petchmaneerat Muay Thai camp to be a top boxer in Thailand in soon after he comes back to a good form in the last fight of Jao Muay Thai at Aom Noi.
Muay Thai in Thailand

Mr.Bu Meoungpetch, a promotor for Petchsupapan War at Lumpini Muay thai stadium in Thailand said after Rungporthong Petchmaneerat come back to his good form by win Daoden C.Khedvena to that he use to lost that he seem to be a top boxer because he his left kick is very strong but the skill and the reputation in boxing is not much. We will wait him to make a reputation from boxing fans. We don't have to wait a long and I think he will be a famous boxer in two years. "Petchsupapan War is not lack the top boxer. In this time we have many boxer to fight include Porthong who have a good form in the last fight. We prepare him to be a top boxer in boxing soon because his shape and skill is good. If he can have more boxing skill, I think he will be a top boxer" Mr.Bu confirms with confidence.

"Mai" order to training

Sommai Sakulmetta, a leader of new power group orders his boxer to training for fight because he has a quota up to 23 programs per quarter. He believes everyone has to constantly fight . This news is from BestMuayThai 2014-05-03 .
Sommai Sakulmetta, a leader of new power group open his mind to Muay Siam reporter that he want his boxer and manager prepare to fight because he have a quota up to 23 programs per quarter. He believes everyone has to constantly fight.
He think everyone has to constantly fight but he need understand and sympathy feeling. You cannot take advantage because this time, promoter was shot at every match around hundred thousand baht. If a leader does not help, I do not know where to find money. Thus, if the head understand the process, I confirm to hold on the continued fight. Because of this time, all people come together in groups; both Lumpini and Ratchadamnoen have a fighter more than 23 programs. Ratchadamnoen have 19 programs, Angmore 6 programs, Jarumeoung 6 programs, T.Chaiwat 3 program, Lumpini 4 programs, Mr.Bu 3 programs and Ma.Yang 1 programs. I think everyone will fight, do not worry and afraid to falling on the program" Sommai saids.

Petchsupapan War want the new fighters . The he contact Somai because Somai have many Muay Thai camps .
In Muay Thai or Thai boxing competition, thе basic goal іѕ tо win thе fight bу еіthеr knockout оr bу method оf decision. In real life, thе aim оf Muay Thai іѕ аlwауѕ tо defend аgаіnѕt аn assailant аѕ quickly аnd effectively аѕ possible.
Gloved fists. Bare feet. Lightning-fast knees and elbows. These are the weapons behind “the science of eight limbs.” That’s the nickname for Muay Thai, a martial art that has captivated Thailand’s culture in some form or another for centuries. It has evolved into an international sensation, with fighters competing in crowded arenas for championship belts and thousands of dollars by CNN News , foxsports - Muay Thai .
As a major boost to mixed martial arts ,muay thai has emerged as a huge success amongst the combat sports. An extension of muay martial arts, muay thai is more commonly referred to as the ‘art of eight limbs’. The combat on foot is a perfect constituent of full contact fighter’s requirements. Also known for the inclusion of mental discipline, muay thai has taken birth from the word, ’Toi Muay’ that means binding. The fight technique, majorly known for its contribution in warfare as a major weapon has also maintained quite a heavy reputation in the field of sports, especially in the thai circuit. Muay Thai has been treated as a source of entertainment, even the part of local festivals and functions . But now a days there is a rarity of its existence. It has just become a subject of art exhibitions.

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