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"Onechana" has passed into the car program. , 08/07/2014

For Mini Car Millionaire of channel 9 , it was found that line A or Onechana Luaknongyaithiam has passed into the next round as the first one of line followed by Desellek Weerabanpho as the second of the line after Desellek has knocked Keng K. Klomklao on last Sunday.

For Mini Car Millionnair of channel 9 , there are 2 boxers who pass in this round including of Yod Iiad from South or Desellek Weerabanpho , who has showed his excellent form by knocking Keng K. Klomklao in the second round prior to pass into the Semi Final round as the second of the line. Furthermore, now Onechana Luaknongyaithiam has passed in this round as the first one as well as in the next round that Desellek might fight with Thairungriang Muengphonethong after winning for 2 matches ranked as the first one.

Weera revealed that he is really glad much that Desellek Weerabanpho or the beloved one has passed into the Semi Final round as the second of all. Then, now he can face with anyone to fight fully in every match in order to be the champion. Then, it lefts only 2 matches to be the champion , so now he is stopping to fight in other Muay Thai stadiums to fight in only this match.

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