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"Kingthong" is confident that "Esay" might have his good fortune in Muay Thai . , 22/07/2014

Kingthong Luakphrabat or the promoter of Suek OneKingthong advised the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to catch the eye on the new star boxer from Japan or Esay Ex Cindy Conyim after he had won several boxers. Moreover, in the next match he will fight with Phlathong A. Khamin in Suek Phetyindee on this Tuesday of 8th July 2014 at Lumphinee Ramintra. Furthermore, in Suek OneKing Thong , he had showed the excellent form , so he is confident not to be bored Muai Thai for being the new famous star in the future.

Kingthong revealed after Esay ExCindyConyim or the Japanese boxer has showed the excellent works continuously until Sia Nao or Wirat Wachirarattanawong has brought him to fight as the first boxer in Suek Phetyindee for the big match on this 8th July 2014 at Lumphinee. Lately, Kingthong Luakphrabat or the promoter who make the list of Esay advised the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to catch the eye on this boxer in order to not be bored of Muai Thai.

In addition, King Thong revealed that Esay has showed the excellent form in several matches until fighting in the big Muay Thai match , and he thinks that he might not leave from Thailand for being the famous Muay Thai star in the future.

Luakphrabat camp was the big camp . But today KingThong don't have money to support the camp .In Thailand, Muay Thai camps have exceptionally proficient gym centers and have master mentors. In Thailand, Muay Thai camps were running consistently over past a few decades. Muay Thai is established initially in Thailand. In better place of Thailand you can discover greatest Muay Thai Camps where you may feel proper to join the preparation in Thailand as opposed to in any viable parts of the world. Very nearly every camps of Muay Thai in Thailand comprises of excellent gears required to learn muay thai boxing, rate sacks for muay thai preparing so on.

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