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Female Muay Thai Warrior , 27/07/2014

Muay Thai now has many female fighters but that was not the case in the early days. Women were not allowed to do boxing in the earlier times and even in present times female boxers are not accepted widely. Maximum women train in Muay Thai to get fit, lose weight, tone her body, or for self-defense. There are very few women who start Muay Thai training in the camps with the idea of being a fighter. Normally some women become very good at Muay Thai and later on decide that they will take training for fighting. On Saturday’s many camps arrange lady boxing fights but they are mainly for entertainment purposes rather than professional. To watch some serious women fighters you should visit the local stadiums at Thailand.
Till today two largest Muay Thai stadiums, Rajadaman and Lumpinee, in Thailand allow only men to complete. In olden days it was believed that if women fight in the Muay Thai right the ring will start having bad luck. Even today most male fighters do not like women touching their good luck charms. Nowadays professional Muay Thai fighting is recognized internationally and the difference between male and female fights are only the duration of the match rounds.
From the trainer’s point of view it is said that women fighters sometimes train too hard, hence coaches have to make sure that they do not over-train. Again most trainers in Thailand feel that female fighters are more disciplined and listen better than males which help them to focus on technique and learn faster. Then again female fighters do not have a large ego like males and cannot be motivated by hurting their ego, rather female fighters work harder on praise and guilt. Females also need to chat with their training mates before warm up and before getting into the fighting.
Though there are some differences between male and female clients and fighters there are some basic concepts which remain common for people training in the camps. These include:
• Resistance training is equally important as cardio training for overall health and body strength. Resistance training conditions your body and helps you with body composition.
• Every fighter must eat at least three good sized meals every day.
• During the training you should chose the best part of the sport you like and set goals to perform it better. If you do the training in a fun way it will give your better results.
• Stay focused on the reason you started to train so that you have a reason to get up in the morning and go through the vigorous training.
• Always remember to take rest and sleep adequately. Training and resting should go on in a balanced way.
Muay Thai

Pregnant kickboxer still training just weeks before birth : Metro .
The martial arts champion is keeping fighting fit until her baby’s birth next month with Muay Thai sessions.
The 31-year-old said it was ‘a happy accident’ when she found out she was expecting in March while in training for a bikini contest.
She stopped entering combat competitions, but she has continued with her classes.

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