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One match is enough, 29/07/2014

One match is enough, Piyapetch War on Tuesday 5 August , two top boxer of Sulek W.sangprapai Muay Thai camp from Petch LumPiNi fight with Thaksinlek Kiattiniwat Muay Thai training camp from Kunsuekwansongchai in the weight 125 pounds. They are in hot form and interest to watch. Mr.Tang is happy to hold the hot match.
Petch LumPiNi proposes the good Muay Thai program on Tuesday 8 July is the fight of Million Petchyindee War, Yodwicha P. Bunsit fight with Petchbunchu F.A. group along with the good boxer. Then, Muay Thai fans will watch Piyapetch War on Tuesday 5 August . This fight should not miss especially the important match to prove the boxing skill from two hot war are Sulek W.sangprapai from Petchyindee htat win Palanftip N.sripoung stop boxing a long time. This time Superlek will fight with Thaksinlek Kiattiniwat on Wansongchai War at the fresh form.
"Favorited boxer" Sangmanee S.teanpor fight in two matches is the interest match. Mr.Tang, Piyarat Wachirattanawong the owner of this program come to said that "I am not focus on promote except Superlek with Thansinlek in the weight 125 pounds. I do not need to said about the other match but we have to set many fight especially the second match of SamA fight with ET who just win Keawkangwal that make Boat sad and mumble many days so Muay Thai fans in Thailand cannot live in peace.

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