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"Rungrat" might come back to be the star boxer for "Sia Yang". , 05/08/2014

Sia Yang Kolok is really confident in his beloved disciple or Rungrat Nharatreekul might come back to be the hot one not difficultly after he has showed the great form at Lumphinee Ramintra Muay Thai stadium impressively. However, lately he just lost to Chatchainoi Sitbenchama with funniness. On the other hand, it should thank for the head of club Kitti Paopiamtrab and the provincial senator Wichit Ongraoao , who always support him until having the encouragement to fight.

According to the revealing of Sia Yang or Surapon Naratreekul or the head boxing camp of Rungrat Naratreekul on last Sunday evening , it showed that Sia Yang is really glad after Rungrat has proved himself again by fighting with funniness and impression to the Muay Thai fans although losing to Chatchainoi Sitbenchana on last 18th July 2014.

Sia Yang said that after Rungrat has come back to fight in the normal Muay Thai stadium , it gave him the full encouragement. Then, he promised for himself to be the famous star again as well as helping his senior boxers to gain the famous name for the boxing camp. Then, now there are the quotas for 2 programs for each quarter , and this boxer is the grateful and young one which his age not over than 30 years old. Thus, Sia Yang believes that Rungrat might become the master boxer again by showing the great form for a few ones. As the result, he would like to thank for the head of club or Kitti Paopiamtrab and the provincial senator or Wichit Ongraoao , who support his boxer by giving encouragement , money and location to train himself. Thus, Sia Yang is really appreciated much.

Rungrat is old boxers if compare with the other fighters . However he can fight again because Sia Yang , his owner , is the promoter .

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