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The name is less than another boxer ; Khomsorn will still fight with full performance. , 13/08/2014

The Litunent Samat Thammaphan or Khaokhlang Chatsamingkhala or the supporter of Khomsorn Chaotalay said that there will be the Champion program of channel 7 in 112 pounds between Khomsorn and Sing Paranchai on Muai Thai Ched See program broadcasted on this Sunday 20th July 2014 at Channel 7 Muay Thai stadium in Thailand . Thus, he revealed that although his boxer’s name is less than his couple boxer , but his experience is not less than his couple boxer for sure. In addition, now he has confirmed that Khomsorn has practiced himself as the best of all because this is the good chance for him to be the champion.

The Litunent Samat said that this boxer might fight with funniness to the end of the match certainly , so the Muay Thai fans of channel 7 should support him too.

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