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Check Rating until knowing the increasing view of Max. , 19/08/2014

PhetA SiraTaoChareonsuk is satisfied in his work of Max Muai Thai that has the more increasing view on the internet every week. Thus, it should thank for the teamwork to help him until this program becomes to be the popular channel of Max Sports in CTH with over expectation.

After PhetAsira has moved to work in Max Sport in CTH on channel number 55 for such a long time , lately he or the president in Max Muai Thai has thanked for the teamwork and the relevant officers including of the Muay Thai fans who always watch this program on Sunday between 8.30 – 11.30 p.m. since moving to this new company. Besides, in the earlier , he is still worried about the effect to the views of the viewers , but everything is going well. Then, according to checking the latest rating , it was found that there are increasing viewers in Max Muai Thai until being satisfied resulting from the efforts and devoting to work of every fields until gaining amusing , interesting and favourite couple boxers to response for the Muay Thai fans. As the result, it should thank for every field and confirm that Max Muai Thai should go forward to broadcast the boxing programs to everyone continuously surely.

Max Muay Thai is the new hot program in today . Muay thai is a thai kick boxing physical amusement and muay thai boxing unites capacity and power . Muay thai@2014-08-20 is known to be the best in unarmed fight. Muay Thai boxing get ready extends you the extent that this would be possible to pro muai thai boxing methodologies. Muay Thai contenders may strike the body all through a muay thai battle by using grasp hands, shins, knees or elbows. Muay thai sessions are full contact with no thai boxing restrictions. In muay thai boxing, hits with the head are not allowed.

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