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Choosing the perfect Muay Thai in Thailand for your training , 20/08/2014

Joining the right Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is vital for those looking for fitness and sport success. Choosing a suitable training program and space in which you will train, will certainly help you accomplish what you were looking for from the beginning – better fitness level and in some cases improved athletic performance. Muay Thai is not a simple sport and this is why you need to find a good Muay Thai camp if you want to get the best results.
The most important thing is to be sure what your preferences and needs are. You must be sure whether you are looking for high intensity or a little bit lower intensity training program. Of course, all the Muay Thai camps in Thailand from Bestmuaythai@2014-08-20 are offering intensive training programs but they vary depending on your objectives. The location is another thing you should take into account. Are you more comfortable to be part of a Muay Thai camp in an urban area (Bangkok maybe) or somewhere near to the nature (maybe an island like Phuket).
Although each Muay Thai camp has the necessary equipment, you should check whether they have some equipment that you will need more than any other. The equipment you will need depends on your objectives – weight lifting gear, pads, boxing bags etc.
Muay Thai Thailand
In order to find the perfect Muay Thai camp for you, you will also need to use the internet. Look for blogs, forums, websites dedicated to Muay Thai. There are many people who spend some time in Thailand practicing Muay Thai. Their experience is a good source for anyone trying this sport for the first time. If you have a friend that is involved in this sport you can also him or her and see if they have some tips for you.
Once you make a shorter list of camps you would possibly visit, it’s time to contact each of them. Send them an e-mail or call them and get some extra information. If you are already in Thailand you can also visit some of the classes and see how each camp works.

"Sink" hunt the championship
"Gote" Paranchai Aditepworapan confirm for Sink Paranchai hunt the standard championship not only Channel 7 championships with thanks to all boxing fans who encourage his boxers.
"Gote" Paranchai Aditepworapan open his mind to Muay Siam reporter again after Sink Paranchai get Muay Thai champion channel 7 in the weight 112 pounds in the last Jao Muay Thai. Komsork Lukkaonanoi said Sink Oaranchai still hunt the standard championship not only Channel 7 championship and a Big camp of Paranchai want to thanks to all boxing fans who encourage his boxers.
"I'm glad that kids can get the championship but we still need to do our best. We have to hunt the standard championship to Tungsong boxing fans. We not stop at that and I as a head of gym thank you all boxing fans who encourage my boxers in Paranchai's gym. I promise not to make boxing fans disappointed" the head of Paranchai's camp said.

Sink Paranchai train Muay Thai in everydays because he want to be the new champion . However his camp find the new teacher to train him .
Two Central Coast fighters will be looking to come away with world titles at next month’s Muay (MOY) Thai showdown. Read at nbnnews .

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