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TGN battle, Donna , 26/08/2014

Study of Muay Thai lumpini TGN Saturday 9. At Lumpinee stage team been arranged as a main event. Gold lion. More prosperous artisans vs shout ran 49 is considered to be a pair of boxing to see follow greatly the last, "professional" man padrew has revealed that this pair of boxing personally assured is than games need to punch out leaves under intense thrilled because fun fought before the shout win the score down joyfully violently canvas each other in channel 7 it fails. To believe the game need to punch throng as fun money of sesame fierce boxing fans follow each other.

"Shout with a gold lion boxing the couple fought before the ring channel 7 color. The game fight exchange before shout joyfully to win points make very sure that the punch in the 1980s, this game need to punch out cheerfully violent excitement as the punch in the 1980s the past. Ask Muay Thai fans in Thailand stuck by encouraging each other and not be disappointed. "The man said.

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