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"Singthongnoi" is ready to fight with "Uthong". , 07/10/2014

Singthongnoi P. Telakul Muay Thai campis really excited to fight in the next match after he has come to fight at Aekbangtrai boxing camp in Chonburi province. Then, he would like to fight with Phetuthong A. Khwanmeung in the next match on this 8th October 2014 in 129 pounds with his confidence.

For the movement of Suek One Thong Chai on this 8th October 2014 at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium , later the reporter has been revealed from Singthongnoi P. Telakul Muay Thai camp or the 35 years old –boxer , who might prove his performance with the junior boxer as Phetuthong A. Khwanmueng that for this match he is still keeping practice himself at Muai Aekbangtrai boxing camp in Chonburi province with this 70-80 percents of the readiness prior to fight in the real day to gain 100 percents to fight.

For the facing with the great couple boxer as Phetuthong , Singthong said that he is still worrying much because his couple boxer has his great strategy to fight , especially for his paying attention to fight after having the drop form in the few last matches."

Singthongnoi revealed that after his losing to Yodwittaya Phetsemuen , he has his good chance to fight in Japan for once time to tie up with his couple boxer. Then, for this match he has prepared himself to fight fully with the supporting of Aekbangtrai , Leang and Praphitkoi to take care of. Thus, it can be confident that he might be the winner of the match although now he is 35 years old , but his body condition is still perfect.

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