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"Nao" would like to setup the big match to welcome the new boss. , 04/11/2014

Sia Nao Phetyindee is excited to setup the big match or Suek Phetyindee Millionnaire to welcome the new referee of Lumphinee Ramintra Thai boxing stadium or the commander Bunsanti Sansawad. Moreover, in the future there will be the big program to setup continuously depending on each quota to work in which day. However, for him he is pleased to devote himself to create the good name to the Thai boxing stadium surely for letting the new executives to feel comfortable.

After setting the small match to be sarcastic the old head Thai boxing stadium , on last 3rd October 2014 the big promoter of Solider Thai boxing stadium or Sia Nao or Wirat Wachirarattanawong is ready to work in the big match for letting the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to feel good. Then, on this Tuesday of 28th October 2014 at the end of the month , there will be expensive couple boxers to fight ; namely, the master couple boxer or Superlek of Rattanabundit university facing with Phetuthong A. Khwanmeung and the second couple boxer or Satanmeunglek Numpornthep facing with Thanadate T. Pran 49 , Palangpon Phetyindeeacademy facing with Onechai Rambo Esarn and Sam Dee Phetyindeeacademy facing with Rungnarai Kertmu 9 and others.

On last Tuesday evening , Sia Nao has revealed his mind to Muai Siam Daily about how to setup millionaire program that he has paid attention to work for welcoming the new head Thai boxing stadium or the commander Bunsanti Sansawad. Then, in the future he is ready to setup the big match continuously if the executives have seen the importance of himself and setup the quota on the suitable day with Suek Phetyindee. Then, he believes that this head Thai boxing stadium might bring Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium to be brighter again. However, for him it is nothing to be worse than 4 years ago , which he has been suffered about how to be the promoter much.

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