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"Jojo" might be trained by the original Muay Thai camp. , 11/11/2014

Giant Chicken Aekbangtrai revealed that in the past Jojo Huarongnamkhang has practiced at Muai Aek Bangtrai Muay Thai camp in the urgent way only for 1 fight. However, Lately this Muay Thai camp has returned Jojo to the head of Muay Thai camp and the manager to take care of already.

Giant Chicken Aekbangtrai revealed to the reports of Muai Siam after Jojo has won Pakkalek in Suek One Thong Chai as the big match that Jojo Huarongnamkhang has been practicing at Muai Aek Bangtrai to create readiness to himself increasingly , which this match is the significant one to gain 2 million baht. Furthermore, everyone should do his task in the best way also. However, later the Muay Thai camp of Muai Aek Bangtrai of teacher Kunthorn has decided to return Jojo to the head Muay Thai camp or the manager as the past already because of their good training and good helping to them. In addition, every boxers in Muai Aek Bangtrai always do their tasks in the good way , so if that Muay Thai camp has asked for this subject , it is ready to return Jojo to the head talent Muay Thai camp to take care as the past.

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