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"Otea" has made the list of severe couple boxers. , 09/12/2014

Otea Charumueng has made the list of excellent couple boxers in Suek Charumeung on this Thursday of 20th November 2014 by gathering all of boxers in different program to fight with each other , such as Superball Teemuenglei to fight with Surachai Sitnayoksanya without predicting surely who will be the winner.

Now, the list of couple boxers of Suek Charumeung fighting on this 20th November 2014 have been supported with several people to let them prove their performance ; namely, Surachai Nayoksanya facing with Superball Teemeunglei , Denphanom of Keelakorat school facing with Phetmai Sitbunmee , Khumtrab Suwityim facing with Phetbunchu of Keela Korat School , Rittikrai Kaewsamrit facing with Choktawee Teedet 99 , Chaising Chachiangmaimookrata facing with Pornchainoi Teedet 99 , Kongtorranee P. Payaksophon facing with Mangkornthong T. Morsri , Chatploy S. Poonsawat facing with Rittichai K. Adisorn , Khomphetlek K. Adisorn facing with Palangpon Luakpaknam and Mangkornngen T. Morsri facing with Intreedam Rungthaworn

Then, for the details Otea revealed that this is the second time for him to select the good quality couple boxers for the Muay Thai fans to cheer up. Then, each of them is stratified well to guarantee about the funniness. For the master couple boxer , there will be Superball facing with Surachai or both of fresh boxers to fight with funniness of course. Then, everyone should encourage them to show their good performance.

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