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After checking the blood of Sangmanee , it is sure to be poisoned. , 16/12/2014

The Doctor of Wachira hospital confirms that after the beloved boxer or Sangmanee S. Thianpho has been checked his blood , it was found the sleep medicine to tranquillizer him. Then, after taking a look to his symptoms , it was found that it is too late to be treated by the doctor for more than 30 minutes. Then, Sangmanee might have severe illness until being removed his name in this circle. Besides, the person to receive this chemical can have kidney failure , but now he is recovered from severe illness to come back home. On the other hand, Sangmanee is really confident that he has been poisoned with wondering about when to be treated like this way. Similarly, some people have the opinion that this way might not involve with being poisoned due to less evidences. While the Litunent Ood has tried to check information of this case to gather most information to let the Muay Thai fans feel more comfortable.

After Sangmanee S. Thiangpho has lost the score to Thanonchai T. Sangthiannoi in Suek OneThongChai on last Monday of 1st December 2014 at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium , His teamwork have taken off the padding and boxing chestnut to interview with the reporters. However, prior to go to the bathroom for showering the body , Sangmanee has felt dizzy and fainted on the ground in the next periods of time. Then, the close friends as Daewangkarn and Phetsuriya Singwangcha have carried him to see the doctor in time. Later, the doctor of Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium has taken care in the basic way , and has seen the symptom of convulse with his not straight hand and biting his tongue. Thus, they have put the spoon and send to Wachira Hospital instantly. On the way, Sangmanee has been shocked without consciousness , so his parents and the Litunent Oud or Suttichai Thianpho and the referee or Tanong Phumphanit used to call his name to recall his consciousness all the time. After that, when arriving to the hospital , he has entered to the emergency room rapidly. Then, the doctor has used the aids to let him feel better , but Sangmanee still have his not consciousness and feel dizziness all the times without speaking as the normal way. Finally, the doctor has checked his Uria and found the chemical as the transiquiller without knowing which type. Then, they brought to the specific doctor to check precisely to inform within 4 weeks.

With this case , the doctor of Wachira Hospital has informed to the parents of Sangmanee that it is too late to arrive for the hospital to remedy him for 30 minutes , which is dangerous for his life to have kidney failure. In the next day of morning on last 2nd December 2014 , the doctor has given the saline solution as normal due to his disability to consume food. Later , he has been x-ray and taken care closely with his better face and his complaining of having dizziness.

On the same way, the doctor has informed further that the symptom of Sangmanee should be taken care by the teamwork of doctor closely to take a rest for following up his symptom and waiting for check his chemical in his body until making a decision to take a rest until when. Therefore, Sangmanee should take a rest to watch for his symptom at here until his feeling in the better way or recovering with severe symptom.

For the parents of Sangmanee or Nukan Sittidate and Pensri Sittidate , they have reported to the reporters with crying that for them the losing of Sangmanee or his child is the sport game. However, for his child’ symptom to be poisoned is dangerous for his life , and they have never thought about this bad condition to happen for him before. Besides, they said that if his child has been treated by the doctor later than this time , it will left only his name without his life. Thus, they would like to find the evil person to perform as this way and would like him to feel sorry for the boxer , who is grateful to fight for earning money to his family. In addition, they accepted to be the poor ones and for this case , they can’t sleep and feel stressful as well as letting everyone to feel sympathize for them as well.

Later , Sangmaneee still has his still face after taking a rest at resident that on last Yesterday Night while competing with his couple boxer on the second round , he felt strange without thinking anything. However, later he felt about the shaking of his legs and his unconsciousness until can’t solve the game.. Similarly, he doesn’t know that he can stand until the end of the game in which way , but after he has finished from fighting and his teamwork has taken off his paddling , he felt dizzy prior to have a shower and prepare to leave home. Then, he can’t remember of anything and have consciousness again while staying at the hospital.

However, for the god of fortuneteller as behalf of the Muay Thai fans or Mo Seng Kolok , he revealed that as his viewing of the fight for the beloved boxer or Sangmanee S. Thiangpho , it noticed that on the first of fourth round there is no abnormality with the normal way to gain of money to him also. Then, it is not in normal way to be poisoned due to the evidence of 100 poisoned couple boxers with the normality of not paying money to them. Thus, in this situation it was strange with his confusing and not understanding too. However, he has noticed of the tiredness of Sangmanee on the last Muay Thai tournament , so the possibility to be poisoned can be occur with his a little wondering of paying money to him. On the other hand, this is only his opinion without including of other opinions due to his not knowing the fact as well.

Lately, at night on last Tuesday of 2nd December 2014 at 9.00 p.m. , Nuka Sittidate and Pensri Sitidate or the parents of Sangmanee have brought his son out of the hospital to stay at home after being allowed by the doctor. Now, the Sangmanee is feeling better and lefts for only a little dizziness. Then, Ball has told the reporters that his body condition is still better , except for his tiredness. While, he has shocked after finishing from fighting for his match , and it might result from the poison. Then, it should think over to report this information to the policeman , but the parents of him and the head of boxing camp or the lituneunt Oud or the commander Suttichai Thiangpho has taken cared about this case. On the other hand, the doctor have called for Sangmanee to check his body condition again on this 9th December , so the litunent Oud will assign for the teamwork to check this news of this couple boxer precisely to find the cause of his convulse.

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