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If wonders , it can open chance for "Nichao" , 24/02/2015

Chai Thungsong has accepted that in the case of Sangdaew S. Kittichai to knock Nichao Suwityim by his elbow , at that time Chai has been in this situation. Besides, he has asked his boxer until knowing that his boxer didn’t hear the referees to break the game , except for letting Sangdaew to stay away from the rope only. After that, Chai has watched for the tape of this game again with slow motion , but he can’t find anything abnormally. Then, if Nichao has been wondered about this game , it can make the list for this same couple boxer to fight with each other by gaining money by fighting in 115 pounds equally.

After Sangdaew S. Kittichai has elbowed Nichao Suwityim or the master couple boxer of Suek Charumeung in the last match to be knocked at Rachadamnern boxing stadium, now the teamwork of Nichao has claimed that it was due to not having readiness for the referees with not the big deal. Lately, it has the news that now Sangdaew has become to be the no spirit boxer because although he has been broke by the referees , he still applied his elbow to knock his couple boxer.

While, Chai Tungsong or the one of teamwork , who has supported S. Kittichai Muay Thai camp of Sirichai Nuansri said that she can’t stand on this accusing of S. Kittichai Muay Thai camp. Moreover, Indeed it should open mind to each other for accepting the truth without messing up with their minds. Besides, at that time he has been in this situation , and he has heard only the referees to claim for his boxer to stay away from the rope only without commanding to stop or separate him. On the other hand, his boxer is the good one because the Buddhist novice or Sirichai has taught everyone to be the good one. And, after watching in the tape of this game , it has seen only when the referees have used his hand to touch the shoulder of his boxer only for warning him to stay away from the rope. However, if Nichao would like to let his boxer to fight with Sangdaew again , he can allow them to fight in only 115 pounds only. Thus, then Sangdaew can recall for his old form to be the winner of course.

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