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"Lamsing" has asked to fight again. , 21/04/2015

Lamsing S. Dechaphan has asked for the promoter to get revenge with Mangkornphat A. Sabaithae again if he can’t achieve the goal , he might asleep after he has lost the game in Suek Mamai Muai Thai on Bright TV at Chit Mueng Non on last Sunday.

In addition, now Lamsing S. Dechaphan has more disadvantages than Mangkornphat A. Sabaithae after losing to him for only one kicking on Suek Maemai Muai Thai on Bright TV at Chit Muengnon boxing stadium in the last match. Then, he is asleep until asking the promoter to let them to fight with each other again in 128-130 pounds to be the winner of this game.

Lamsing said that now he is asleep due to his losing for only one kicking , so he would like to get revenge in 128-130 pounds by the making list of the promoter to make him feel better.

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