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"Sriutai" might fight replacing with Krekkru. , 28/04/2015

For Suek Maemai Muaithai broadcasted on this Sunday of 26th April 2015 at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium, this couple boxer might fight with funniness as the past time , especially for Krekkru that always fight favoring to the Muay Thai fans. Moreover, the teamwork of the boxing camp has removed Sakmongkol Sakburiram out of the program because he seems not to overcome his couple one easily. As the result, it has brought the fresh form boxer or Sriutai Sorchor Piekutai to fight instead of Khunphan Kertchareonchai in the same weight of 118 pounds.

For the master couple boxer of Suek Maemai Muai Thai broadcasted on bright 30 on this Sunday , there will be the master couple boxer between Nong Dome Chayutkongseab to fight with Worawut Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu as the correct one surely.

For the second couple boxer in line B, there will be Khunphan Kertchareonchai to fight with Sriuthai Sit Sorchor Piakutai. Moreover, Sriutai Sit Sorchor Piakutai has fought instead of Sakmongkol Sakburiram ,who has removed of the game. However, Sriuai and Khunphan are the correct one with fresh form to make the Muay Thai fans favoring in their performance for fighting with funniness surely following by Yodrachan Chayutkongsueb to fight with Datehiran S. Dechaphan and the first couple boxer between Sia Phichit Kertchareonchai to fight with Morakotdam S. Dechaphan.

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