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Med Prik has gossiped the Muay Thai fans not to take for granted "Santanong" , 05/05/2015

Med Prikthai Silachai has confirmed that Sia Yai Luakmeungphet is not the one to use his fists, but it also Santanong T. Silachai or the boxer in this team to use his fists also. Thus, whoever has been knocked it is hardly to predict much.

Med Prik Silachai or the big boss of T. Silachai has revealed his mind after Thep Thamma or the teamwork of One Thong Chai has brought Sia Yai to fight for preventing the champion in 105 pounds of Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium with Santanong T. Silachai. However, Santanong may kick his legs or use the severe fists also not only for Sia Yai. As the result, whoever has been knocked should predict the result.

Med Prik has confirmed that now Sia Yai hasn’t used the fists as the only one , but Santanong has also used his fists severely. Thus, whoever has been knocked has to be predicted between Santanong and Sia Yai.

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