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"Phetphandam" has his great form to win for 8 matches. , 04/08/2015

Lietunent Ran Sarakham has cheered up the new star or Phetphandam Dabransarakham who has his hottest form after winning for 8 matches broadcasted on channel 7 of this Sunday of 2nd August 2015. Thus, it is certain that Sanphon Luakbanyai might become to be the next new star in the future surely.

At this moment, Lietunent Sarakham or Lietunent Niran Yossaphon has trained Chuchareon Dabransarakham to be the big new star already by winning his couple one for 8 matches orderly from winning Samingnoi S. Abdul and Teelek S. Sulaiman for twice times as well as knocking Sia Phichit Kertchareonchai , Singtothong Wangmeunhadaew , Khwaosanit Dragonmuaithai , Phansak W. Wannatawee to grasp the champion of North East Muai Siam club in 49.5 kg. including to knock Chalermkert T. Chaiwat and Sanphon Luakbanyai on channel 7 on this Sunday of 2nd August 2015.

In the current day, Phetphandam has his hottest form by winning for 8 matches and is supported by Sia Chun on channel 7 on this 2ndSunday of August 2015. Then, this is the great opportunity for Phetphandam to show the great form in order to favor of the Muay Thai fans throughout the country with the confidence and his good attention.

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