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"Sam A" has come back to fight in Marathon. , 11/08/2015

Sam A of 5 stars chicken is preparing to fight on the boxing stadium again after removing it for more than 3 months by joining on Suek Muai Thai Toyota Hilax Rewo Marathon broadcasted on this Friday of 14th August 2015 at Hadyai. Then, it should set the aim for letting Sam A to be the great one again without feeling blue definitely.

For the latest match of Sam A or 5 stars chicken , recently he had been kicked and knocked only in the first match of Rachadamnern boxing stadium on last 3 month ago. Thus, he must take a rest for a long time ,but now he has been practicing his skill by taking care of the boxers and teaching the foreigners in terms of returning to fight in the boxing circle again excellently. Then, Sam A can join in Toyota Hilax Rewo Marathon on this Friday of 14th August 2015 at Hadyai of Songkhla province for sure. Similarly, there will be 4 Thai boxers and 4 foreign boxers to join in the program also. On the contrary, Sam A has revealed that now the boxers at Rachadamnern boxing stadium still have their not body condition to fight, except for taking care of their body condition and foreign boxing program. Thus, it has the good hope for him to be the great boxer in this boxing circle to join in Toyota Marathon boxing program.

The excellent Thai boxer of Siam Keela Award for 2 periods said that although Sam A has been knocked by Phanphyak until having to take a rest for a long time , now he has been practicing himself for fighting in Totoya Marathon on 14th August 2015. Thus, if he would like to grasp the champion of the match , he should gain his confidence first prior to fight in this match.

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