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It always has the matches to fight. , 25/08/2015

For the match of Suek Top King World Series 2015 , it should postpone from 29th August in 2015 to 4th September in 2015 at China as usual. Besides, on the program of Mono 29 it has broadcasted on the first boxing stadium with the foreigners and others leading by Aekphracha Meenayothin , Rungrat Sasiphraphayim , Number one and Phanom Topkingboxinggym.

Num Topking said that it should regulate the day for setting up Topking World Series in 2015 at China by postponing from Saturday of 29th August in 2015 to Sunday of 30th August in 2015. Lately, the teamwork has informed about the problem of competitive location by postponing from Friday of 4th September on Mono 29 at the same time or 7.30 – 10.30 p.m. Therefore, this boxing stadium has 8 boxers or 4 couple ones ; namely, Thai boxers or Khem Khemmenayothin , Rungrat Sasiphraphayim , Number 1 and Phanom King Boxing Gym. Lastly, it should alter the times to broadcast from 30th August in 2015 to Friday of 4th September in 2015 replacing of Mono 29 to broadcast on the same time. Thus, for Superfight match it has 4 boxers to fight ; namely, Aekphracha , Rungrat , Number 1 and Phanom.

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